Singapore Property List – How To Choose A Right Real Estate Agency

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The past couple of months real estate market in Singapore has been shaky, and it has been sending mix signal. In the past, we had an utterly reverse situation where the price of the real estates has been extremely high, due to a limited land for construction. But, that’s not the case now, the home prices are still falling, as well as rents and empty vacancies have reached a high record. This can be an excellent opportunity for future homeowners who want to buy their first property here. Considering a large number of real estate agencies in Singapore, you need to be very careful when choosing the one, but we have a couple of tips for you.

Research the web

The Internet is a potent tool, and you can find almost anything here. If you plan to invest in real estate, then you should research a couple of agencies and schedule an appointment with them. It is important to read their reviews and see the opinion of their clients. It will provide you an insight into their services and help you make the right decision.

Don’t choose the first one

Singapore property listBefore hiring a real estate agency, don’t pick the first one you find. At least select the three of them and set up a meeting. In this way, you can compare their services and price range. Make sure to make up the list of questions you want to ask their representatives. In this way, you can differentiate their features and personnel. Make sure to research thoroughly before you set up a meeting with the one. If you have some friends for moved to Singapore, you can always ask them for advice. It is still better to have a trusted recommendation, then to do everything on your own.

How much does it cost and what’s included in the price?

When you are at a meeting, this is probably the most critical question to ask. You should always know the price and what are you paying. Some agencies demand payment upfront, while others take a percentage. Make sure to see what are you paying for and does agency has some time limit before you make a deal.

Check their credentials

Always check their licenses and credentials before you hire them. This will ensure the success of your future arrangement. You should always protect yourself and make sure if they provide insurance. Once you inspect their services, select an agent or an agency which has the highest credentials. Also, check how long the agency has been in this business. It will help you determine their credibility on the market.

Check the Singapore market


It is essential to see the movement of prices and to research Singapore market. It is always to know the information upfront and to know what to expect before you make the first investment. Use the web to your advantage and check everything, before you waste your money.

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